I installed Daemon Tools about a week ago, and several installations using mounted images of games worked fine. Lately, all of the installations I have attempted give me CRC errors midway through. This results in the games usually not working properly. Has this happened to anyone else? I have version 4.08HE and I downloaded it off this site about a week ago. How could I avoid these errors? My system specs are below. Thanks for any insight,



RAM: 2x1GB OCZ PC3200 Platinum Rev 2 2-3-2-5
CPU model:-AMD X2 4200+
Overclocked CPU speed:-Default
Divider and FSB used:-Default
Motherboard and revision:-LanParty nF4 Ultra-D RevA
Motherboard Bios rev:-406 (Latest on dfi site)
Video card:-ATI X1900XT Default Clock Speeds
Power supply:-OCZ GameXStream 600W
Operating System:-XP x64
CPU and System Cooling:-7x 8cm case fans
CPU and System temps:-Low (Below 50C)