Personally I've grown attached to the MS era, It's mainly been through common knowledge of the system and the software basics, but it has grown in fancy since I decided on a hatred towards Apple's iSeries of software/hardware.

I used to believe Apple/Apple MAC sounded O.K. but had a few terms I didn't understand about their computing systems and the fact that they weren't commonly used or given in the basic tutoring schemes back in the "ol' School Days".

As of Recent news on the subject I have decided that I much prefer MS Win XP as it takes less space, effort and knowledge to work with, which is good for when you get home from a hard days work. Where as Vista is a bit too flash and graphical, it lacks the basics that kept Window what it was. It may look better, but it takes up more space, and I have noticed that a few things included in Vista (i.e. Scrolling) kind of ruined it all for me.

All in all, I believe it depends on how into computers a person is and which type of computing they enjoy working with, For example, if they enjoy a simple life and want half the stuff done for them, They would pick something like MS Win, And so forth.. I don't have much experience with anything but any of the MS Products.. (This includes Mobiles, as my Mobile runs on MS Win) - And I have No intentions of changing to another company like (Apple), This is due to the overload of Apple and their iServices, The whole "i" is disconcerting and drives me to believe that there will be a iWar in the Personal Computing Industries. Causing a lot of complicating problems between Apple and MS Programmers/Users.

I also believe it will increase chances of rushed projects as the two companies will be competing against each other to produce the best hard/software, and increase their customer's experiences, Yet causing more technical issues.

But Meh, What would I know, I'm just a customer, Right? =]

- Stu
A MS Customer.