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Thread: VISTA's Ready-boost (new feature)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nodens View Post
    No they are actually saved to both. It works as Jito463 said. It's a buffer. Everything in the flash drive is also backed on the pagefile but instead of being read from the pagefile it's being read from the flash drive. If something goes wrong or the flash drive is removed, it resumes normal operation by reading from the pagefile again.

    hi friends,
    I am not a pro in windows system, I rarely use windows, but what I feel RAM has become very very low priced in the market. So why not go for that only ? Why break our head for using the most un reliable USB ? Can some one tell me that any USB stick is reliably working for him constatnly for more than one year? If so, u r very lucky. For me till now it has not happened!!! My bad luck ?
    Let us improve and add function for DTPro ... lucas is not ready to give Writable drive let us request him for that

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    All my USB sticks (and I have three of them) work flawlessly and they are all more than a year old. You just need to be careful about what you buy.

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    And how well you take care of them. I have a 3+ year old 32 MB Sony key drive that *still* works.

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    32MB? Ack. I can't even imagine having one that small anymore. I just bought a 16GB Corsair since the electronics on my 4GB MicroDrive failed, and I wanted something bigger.

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