I'm currently testing DT Pro with Adware(to see how value it has comparates from DT Free), i've been gladly surprise of the quality of reading from DT Pro.

Ok now my suggestion is please add support for IMG files, when we force DT to read those files, DT can always succeed, so i think this will not cause hard work to add this support by default

Now why burning plugin ?
For DT Pro users (Adware or not), to avoid having many burning softwares which is useless and installing more drivers to Windows for almost nothing.
The idea is, because DT Pro is a very nice reader and i was thinking a Plugin for just Burning DT Images CD/DVD including copyprotection if there is.

Yes because using images of DT Pro after reading, even with Copyprotection this works great, i did finally an image of Warcraft 3 Phrozen Throne successfully and i can play the game from my hard disk; But to be honnest, CD from Blizzard are not strong, because i use it very often, the CD will get broken after many used, i've bought 3 CD of this game that's why now i'm getting tired to buy once again and i'm trying to make a perfect copy.
I've called Blizzard Technical Support to complain about that, do you know what they answered ? "Then buy another one..."
I've been angry and i've written to Blizzard by recommanded mail, i play this game since its out so since 1998 and they proposed to exchange my CD but this gonna take a while and i won't be able to play.
So i bought a last one to use it to try to copy it, the image has been done successfully and i'm very happy

I'm using Plextor PX-760A which works very nice with DT Pro.