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Thread: need to burn CDG files that reside on my hard drive

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    Default need to burn CDG files that reside on my hard drive

    Okay, so I have a few CDG (karaoke) songs on my hard drive. When I burn them with Roxio Easy CD Creator, I do not get the graphic tracks.

    1) these songs are labelled "karaoke", I'm not even sure if they are true CDGs. Does anyone know?

    2) If they are true CDGs, how do I burn them? It seems that the virtual disk system provided through the Daemon Tools do not recognize mp3s.


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    you need 2 things

    1/ a plextor burner (
    2/ CDRWin (

    thats it.

    there will be more burners that support CD+G but I know my Plexi does for sure.

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    There is another way to burn cdg (karaoke) to disk with a plextor cd drive.
    But you need a couple of things. First you need cloned cd from, then you need cdrwin,(not sure where to get, i got mine from a friend) and you need a daemon tools(the latest version). first you open cdr win, click record cd, go to load tracks, make sure you have cdg checked on the top of the screen, click add tracks, you can add as many as you want but do go over the cd limit that you are going to burn on. after you get all the tracks click save. this will save as .cue file. mount the cue file in deamon tools. open clone cd, click copy cd,(picture with 2 cds on it) choose generic as reader,(next) choose the option that says audio with multimedia,(next) then make sure copy on the fly is check, (next) choose your recoding cdrom. This will copy all the songs to your cd. If the files that you started with are TRUE cdg files, then the cd will have the graphics with the audio. It can only be played in a cdg player.

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    sorry i meant to say on prev msg.....ways you can burn cdg withOUT plextor.

    But if you want to use cdg burner like plextor....there is also sony, and yamaha/hp

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    Any writer that can burn in full raw dao96 mode can burn karaoke (cd+g) cds. Best software for doing so is discjuggler. Full tutorial on padus' site here =>

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    Here is a question for you philamber: If my CDROM can write dao but not read it, is there a program that can change that? :?
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    No, first of all I think you mean your cd writer can write DAO96, 'cause a cd-rom can't write anything :wink:
    The reading capabilities of drives are implemented in the firmware, so only a firmware update would help.
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    your right...sorry about that. my cdwriter can write dao can i get it to read it if possible
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