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Thread: Daemon Tools and GameGuard

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    Default Daemon Tools and GameGuard

    OS: WIndows 2000 SP4
    Anti-Virus: AVG Free 7.5.467

    When right-clicking on Daemon Tools 4.09/4.09.1 (SPTD 1.43 release/1.45 beta) while GameGuard is running (as used by Albatross18 online game) the error "No Virtual SCSI drive found" will display in a Windows pop-up then Daemon Tools will terminate. This error will not occur on a fresh installation of Albatross18 until the game has downloaded the GameGuard hack control from its servers. This bug does not present any problem at all to me, as I have no need to use Daemon Tools while playing this game, but since I noticed this behavior I am reporting it.

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    This is not a bug of DT but rather of GameGuard which acts like a virus patching all processes in system and interfering with other programs.


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