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Thread: Warcraft 3 problem.. "again"

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    Default Warcraft 3 problem.. "again"

    Hi.. im new.. but i been reading the forum for help with Warcraft 3..

    ok i have the disc.. i can copy an image(working) onto my computer.. but when i try to burn the disc it doesnt even go on the disc.. it will go through the whole process of loading and logging in all the problem.. but when i try the disc its still a blank disc...

    i do have a working burner.. lightscribe something.. using window xp, alcohol 120%

    i know the image work is cuz well i mounted it and tried it..

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    Do you accidentally have "simulation" enabled in Alcohol?

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    yeh i did

    dam noob.. >.<

    WoW.. it work thanks so much.. i was up til 2 trying to figure out wut's wrong..


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