I know guys must have posted thousands of same issues regarding "context menu and mounting" but here's what i would like to see: (sorry i don't have the actual solution (yet))

Anyways, when you in normal conditions the eject function in the context menu already allows us to unmount the cd. I would love something that allows to mount the speciafied drive.

Like: H: and I: are virtual drives, you just cick mount, a file-select form popups and it when you click ok it mounts the speciafied image in the right drive.

This thought came a-cross me when i say a little project which added a dll and some register keys to allow them to also close (instead of eject) to cd-rom drives.

here's the link of the project

in this project the "insert" button that will be created only appears in real cdrom drives, so i suppose virtual drives and real drives can have sepperated context menu's.

With kind regards, Lawrence