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Thread: Vista: Unable to add adapter

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    Default Vista: Unable to add adapter

    So I downloaded Daemon Tools 4.09-1 and installed it on my Vista Ultimate x32 machine. After the reboot, Daemon Tools says "Unable to add adapter. Registry access error." Then, when I click on the tray icon, "Virtual SCSI driver not detected." I am logged in as Administrator at all times. I've tried upgrading the SPTD driver to 1.45, to no avail.

    What is going on?

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    Did you try to turn off the UAC (user access control) function before installing?
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    I had the same issue but turning off UAC and installing updated SPTDinst-v147-x64 worked for me.

    I didnt even uninstall daemon... just turned off UAC and rebooted and it worked.

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    Default Same problem

    I've got the same problems with Vista Business and SPTD v1.47 (32 bit). Any news on that problem?

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    Default I figured it out, well for me...

    Okay I fixed the problem for myself:
    1.) Go to your control panel, then click classic view (upper right).

    2.)Then scroll down to device manager.

    3.)After, scroll down to "Storage Controllers"

    4.)Right click on "SCSI/RAID Host Controller" and hit disable.

    5.) Wait a few seconds, and then right click and then enable it again.

    Well, I hope this helped a few people, it helped for me. I am not going to take responsibility for any mishaps or problems with this method. I have an SK8V motherboard, and I don't have any hard drives in RAID settings, so I am unsure of what affects this may have for those using drives in RAID. But, for me, the screen went blank, came back up, and I was able to enable it. So, good luck....

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    I'll test that later. All I know is that I've got no entry SCSI in normal mode. Hope I can see this in classic mode

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    I'm having the same problem with Vista x64. There is no SCSI/Raid controller on the system.


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