SPTD, Version 1.47 - public beta

Dear Community,

a new public beta of SPTD is available from Duplex Secure.
Here is a copy from the announcement at Duplex-forums:

to address issues reported in 1.43 and 1.45 beta release, Duplex Secure provided a new beta release: SPTD beta version 1.47.
Once all affected users confirm success we'll encourage all vendors to replace 1.43 with 1.47.

We have offered for downloads two files at http://disc-tools.com/download/sptdbeta
SPTD v1.47 (32 bit) and SPTD v1.47 (64 bit) - public beta versions and we would appreciate to learn your possible comments and questions here in our forum or by e-mail via our online message form to "SUPPORT" department:

Issues addressed:
- Fixed hibernation issue on some systems with RAID configuration

"SPTDinst-v147-x86.exe": X86 (32 bit) Ver. 1.47 SHA-1 Check Sum:

"SPTDinst-v147-x64.exe": X64 (64 bit) Ver. 1.47 SHA-1 Check Sum:


for SPTD - support you can visit their forums. Keep in mind that
above mentioned version is still a BETA version. Users which
experienced problems with version 1.43 or 1.45 of SPTD
should upgrade to latest 1.47 and report back if that solved
the problem