I modified Windows with nLite. I stripped out useless components, and tons of prepackaged drivers. Just recently I decided to try Daemon Tools, and discovered that it couldn't emulate any copy protections, making it useless to me. I then tried MagicISO, and same story. That clued me in that it was my own fault. I tried them on standard Windows, and they worked fine.

I was wondering if any devs here, or knowledgible users, know what Daemon Tools depends on? Could it be something as simple as removing the standard windows IDE driver that caused this? Or are those sorts of drivers even used in an emulated device? If it's not some huge secret, an educated guess or list of what drivers/components both emulators share would really help. Alternately, I could post my nLite preset; it's about 700 lines long, so I figured I'd leave it out on my first post.

Appreciate any help.