If brevity is the soul of wit, I'll be very humourous indeed

Now I know to get an answer from VeNoM386 that it has to be a yes/no format - cool. To get an answer from LocutusofBorg I should say something outrageous or factually incorrect (in fact, I can often get a whole thread by simply annoying LoB around the edges
  • The English Instructionz need 'tidying up' and are somewhat daunting. The first time I read them (early last year);
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    I fell backwards off my chair and thought that flying a NASA space shuttle might be easier. No offence. I have re-written them, (but not made them available anywhere);
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    if you're interested
  • The emu options are required for backup CDs, yes?
  • for an image mounted to the Generic DVDROM, "enabling the copy protection emulation(s) is NOT necessary!!" So, the emu options have no effect on an mounted image?
  • So this is not actually a test for RAW-ness? And useless for checking the image before writing?
  • So if the image won't run, it's not a good image, yes?
  • So, why does ticking SecuROM allow some images to be run otherwise? (my son makes bad reads sometimes)
  • How is it possible to check an image, for 'RAW-ness' or 1:1, before writing? I know this depends on the reader/writer, but let's say a Lite-On or ASUS owner wants to check the image before writing