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Thread: Concerns over .daa...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Chaos View Post
    But wouldn't that make more people use your software? The same really with daa format (don't use it myself really, but I've been around enough people that did :/ ).
    Perhaps make daa/vcd support a feature of the full version?
    You missed what LOC said before, one of the biggest reasons they do not support .daa is becasue these images mostly comes from pirated wares, and they do not in any way support that.

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    I was adressing a specific arguement here. Instead of driving people to competing software, they would get them itself.

    I totally understand not wanting to support piracy, but truth to be told, thats really what made it popular in the first place. (I know they might not like to hear that) Essentially even now its a enabler since people can just make images and pass them around to other daemon tool users.

    I can also understand the extra work involved, that was why I suggested making it a full pro only feature, then if people want it, they'd have to pay for it.

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    What you also fail to realize is that they can't just arbitrarily add support for proprietary formats. They have to get permission from the owner of that format. It might be possible to reverse-engineer support for it, but why should they waste development time doing that for a competing format they don't care about?

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    The two reasons I could think of would be

    1. Because users have requested it.
    2. It would mean more users of deamon tools software and people wouldn't have to go to a competing product to get the files to work and since only the paying Daemon tool could do it = more money.

    But you're right, I can see the issues in getting permission to use the format.

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    Not everyone distribute illegal content with .daa files its a better one to compress and save space so if you support that one also then i think everything will use DT ...
    sir most of the developers having problems with .daa to .iso conversion means .iso takes more space compared to .daa so think over it and plese support .daa image also
    thnx and waiting for ur reply soon...

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    You can also create compressed mds/mdf files if you own the original disc...

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    pseudo555, I have used daa and found that it has the best compression compared to others, including isz and mds/mdf.

    However, daa has an option to select normal or a "best compression". Is that kind of option available for mds/mdf as well? If so, what tool can compress to mds/mdf using a "best compression" option? Maybe such an option could be better than daa.

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    I've seen my share of pirated software and I have never come across any .daa files ever, pirated or legit. This thread is the first place I've ever even heard of it.

    Some interesting info on it's compression capabilities. I wonder if you could just open their format with any zlib compression software? (I'm not sure as never used that)

    IMO it's just to keep you using their software, but that can be said of any proprietary software.

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    The daa2iso tool's source code shows exactly how to read the format and what it's about... it's a sequence of zlib/lzma compressed chunks. I assume the chunks are fairly small, to provide decent random acccess. This will however interfere with the compression ratio. I don't know how effective this scheme is...

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