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    Default Concerns over .daa...

    After recent increases in .daa files, being a veteran that has always used DT and .isos, I decided to check out if the devs here were going to add .daa support. After a quick search on the forums it seems you guys have gave a definitive 'NO', which is concerning.

    I can understand you being hostile towards certain software devs, but isn't it better you can emulator their extension rather than forcing end users to install their software?

    Personally I don't want to change platforms Deamon Tools has always served me well, but there is an increase in .daa and may also be forced to.

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    .daa lacks several important capabilities. And most important:

    can you tell me where you see the "increase"? Where exactly
    did you see an increase? I really hope you do not tell me some
    shit like "I frequently download games via torrent" or such crap.

    I really hope you can give us one good example, some kind
    of valid argument that! Let's discuss on a professional basis!
    Give us good arguments here, convince us and tell us what is
    possible with .daa that can't be done via .mds/mdf!

    or ANY of the other formats that we support.

    In general I do not get your post completely, after all you should
    anyway create the images for yourself - at least when it
    comes to something like Game/Application-backups.

    And mdf/mds also support encryption (AES 256) and
    compression now.

    I would be astonished if you tell me that someone use .daa
    to image linux-distributions or something else. Honestly, I'm
    really curious what you mean with "increased files in .daa"
    - atm, I can't think of what you really mean - and I'm pretty
    sure (at least hopefull) you do not mean any illegal shit.

    So there might be something that we overlooked, some
    valid facts.

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    daemon tools won't support .daa due to copyright issues. Just get a .daa to .iso converter on the internet, then you can mount it.

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    exact. We believe that most .daa-crap is some distributed
    illegal content. Thats why we wont support it. Thats for sure
    what you meaned, correct? Then you're right..

    Also we believe there are already enough choices - DT is
    capable to mount alot of different formats, we see no need
    to support even more - after all, WE must maintain then all
    the formats and watch out for every change the format-
    creators made.

    We find it also strange that some commercial apps are
    capable to read e.g. mdf/mds-format, although we did NOT
    licensed this to competitors except Alcohol-Soft. Because
    some companys seems to care shit about our copyright,
    we might nevertheless do the same and support their
    format, too (except .daa)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LocutusofBorg View Post
    Because some companys seems to care shit about our copyright, we might nevertheless do the same and support their format, too (except .daa)
    .VCD ??

    {do it.}

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    .vcd is not a supported disc image, try to convert it to .iso if you can.

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    Not everyone distribute illegal content with .daa files its a better one to compress and save space so if you support that one also then i think everything will use DT ...
    sir most of the developers having problems with .daa to .iso conversion means .iso takes more space compared to .daa so think over it and plese support .daa image also
    thnx and waiting for ur reply soon...

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    You can also create compressed mds/mdf files if you own the original disc...


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