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Thread: yasu won't make windows load

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    Default yasu won't make windows load

    Hi everyone, i'm a newbe so i apologize if this thread has been already discussed.
    I was trying to use Yasu 1.04 (first time user) with my windows vista o.s., i tried with the game rayman and it worked fine, but then when i reboot the pc, just after the windows green loading bar, the system hangs to a black screen and won't load anymore.
    I also hear a sound as my hd (superata hd) turns off.
    Can someone help me please? I had to format twice the pc.
    Thank you

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    1.04? Try the newest release here.

    Also upgrade DaemonTools and SPTD (link in my signature).
    Upgrade your programs:
    DaemonTools --- SPTD --- YASU --- PID


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