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Thread: DT Suggestion: Unlock folder when image is unmounted

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    Default DT Suggestion: Unlock folder when image is unmounted

    Here's an issue I constantly come across:

    Often, I just want to mount a CD image in DT, install the software, unmount the image and delete the folder (and contents) that the CD image is stored in. Unfortunately, even though the image is unmounted in DT, it still locks the folder, thus I have to either exit DT completely or mount another CD image in a different location, which will then release the folder that I want to delete.

    Maybe on the next release of DT, you can make it so that it not only unmounts the CD image, but releases the path as well..


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    No need for such "suggestion" - this is bug in v4.09 which will be fixed in next version.
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    Until you get a fix for this you can use Process Explorer by Mark Russinovich (
    to close the file handle.
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