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Thread: Mounted drives but without Daemon tools?

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    Default Mounted drives but without Daemon tools?

    Hi all...

    I have a huge problem:

    When I start my pc, there are 3 "artificial" cd/dvd-drives. I created these long time ago.
    I decided to uninstall DT cause I didn't use it very often. But after the uninstall I still have my "extra" drives after boot. I can live with that, until now:

    I bought a new game (FIFA MANAGER 07) today and wanted to play it. But when I try to launch the game after installation i get this messege:

    It seems like I stille have some kind of DT inside my computer. I've made searches and everything but I can't find anything that I can refer to Daemon Tools... Damn it's frustrating!
    I really need some help...

    I have tried this already:

    Install DT again - but I got an installation error... ("Device setup error: code 25057 (0x61E1), 2 (0x2). Contact your support personnel")

    Manual installation: Taken from


    1. Enter device manager
    * In Windows 9x/ME, right-click on My Computer, and click Device Manager
    * In Windows NT/2000/XP, click Start, click Run, type devmgmt.msc, and click OK
    2. Goto the System section
    3. Delete 'PnP BIOS Extension' - If you unsure whether to delete it, goto the driver tab and click driver details, then check the version of the driver (should be same version as your DAEMON Tools)
    4. Reboot your computer
    5. Follow UNINSTALLATION (Recommended)

    That didn't help either. I don't have this driver...

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    For manual removal procedure check these threads:
    v3.43 - v3.47:
    Reboot after the procedure.
    If you used v4.0x check this thread:
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