I tried out the DT PRO. I like it a lot. I will switch over from a120%. Hopefully, I can unmount the image in the explorer like a120%. Just a matter of convenience. I can do it inside the program and on the drive letter in My Computer.

Another suggestion. What's up multiple sites for your product? You should consolidate into one site. For instance, disc-soft.com should be your main one for commercial purpose and this site as being free for community. As a customer, I don't like go to http://www.daemonpro.com for info, then disc-soft.com to buy/contact, and finally http://www.daemonpro-help.com/index.html for help. Hope you understand what I'm trying to convey. Just stick with disc-soft.com and build your product from there (No google ads either . I know you'll amass with a lot of successes in the future. Good Luck.