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Thread: Any possibility of a revamp of DT Pro agreements?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ß View Post
    shut up already!
    I think that goes for more than one person, Qazarr has questions that he would like answers to, Alc (Admin) was doing this initialy, and then a whole bunch of people jump on the band wagon, if this is how you want to treat new users of the software or people who are first coming to this forum then your doing no justice to the developers of this software, i think there are two types of questions asked on support forums.

    1. The type of question that normal users of the software are able to help with.

    2. The type of question best left to Admin\Development to answer. and not people who think they may know the answer or who for some reason think they can second guess Development.

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    Agreed, and just to stir it up, ß can kiss my ass. :evil:

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    I think you guys are overreacting.Qazarr has some good questions, B had good answers in his first post, but after that all went down the drain.Maybe a lock would be good AFTER one of developers or admins answers the questions.

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    Please forgive me, but I'm going to have to put in my two cents and some people may not like it.

    I honestly don't like where this is going. So far DT Pro looks like DT with a Cloned Alcohol UI.

    It can create images. Great... But there are several programs that have proven themselves over the course of time to do this, and a lot of them are free.

    DT is nice over Alcohol because it's small and unobtrusive. The selling point of Pro was the ability to have virtual IDE drives, which happens to still in developement.

    I'm afraid what I'm seeing right now is a new software with obtrusive piracy protection and few useful features. The irony is that DT is meant to rid people of obtrusive piracy protection. I suggest you guys rethink your business plan, because I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that something's wrong here.

    And before a mod chastises me, I'm aware that you can do whatever you want, and that no one is forcing me to buy it, but I feel that my input should be noted as a long-time enthusiast of your software.

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