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Thread: Anyone see Nemesis?

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    Default Anyone see Nemesis?

    Really good movie, I suggest it to all

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    Star Trek Nemisis?

    I'll be honest, as a very long time star trek fan, i was most disappointed.

    The Data having a brother idea, has been done before in Next Gen episode Datalore.

    But I think star trek has had it's day, if they don't come up with something original, I think it'll die.

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    I guess most of you already know that I'm trekker

    My personal impressions on the last movie were mixed, it was imho technical good (not fantastic)
    but the story was the weakest since generations.

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    Star Trek, really does let the imagination run wild. But good visual effects are no match for a good plot. They need to ditch Enterprise, and make a new series. It's been too long. But I doubt they have enough ideas for a new series.

    Though I will say Elite forces 2 was a legendary game.

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    Torquemada chased him off somewhere...............

    Ohhh....The Good Ol' Days :cry:


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