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Thread: no emulated drives in Vista x86

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    Frage no emulated drives in Vista x86

    Hi there,

    hoping there's anyone out there ...

    I installed DT 4.09 on Vista - Home Premium 32bit (prerecord: DT 4.08 works fine before).

    After installing there were no emulated drives on "My Computer", so i checked how many drives where set in DT and it says 1.
    So i tryed to emulate up to 4 drives, but still no drives on My Computer.

    a look at the windows device manager shows 4 unknown devices (FB6580Y JHH056M SCSI CdRom Device).

    Looking into Properities-tab shows "Device is working correct" ...what's far far away from truth

    Why is it an unknown device an none of "DVD/CDrom Drives"
    I tryed to update the devicedriver - no capable driver found.

    Reinstalling DT also dont work

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    Rotes Gesicht wont work

    i directed the device-manager to look in C:\Windows\Inf\cdrom.inf for driver information.

    It says: there are no driver informations in this directory for this device.

    CDROM.SYS could be located in c:\windows\system32\drivers.

    Editing the cdrom.inf shows driverinnformations for several mitsumi-drives.
    So i tried an alternate INF which i extracted from Vista Ultimate installed on a VMWare Workstation.

    This time the device manager located one cdrom device driver in this cdrom.inf. This one work for me at least.

    Thanks for the hints - now im on to check what happend to the original cdrom.inf.


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