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Thread: blindwrite5 doesnt work

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    Default blindwrite5 doesnt work

    when i tried to back up an ISO image that isnt corrupted or anything, with blindwrite 5, it said that the "topology scan failed" and asks me if i would like to proceed. WTF is a TOPOLOGY SCAN and why would it fail :evil:

    if it helps the actual drive i was using to write with was a NEC 48X reading and up to 32X writin and over riting...
    is there some compatability error or something
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    I may be mistaken, but I think...

    The "topology" refers to the physical layout of the data on the disk. ISO files do not contain any information about this, so that's why Blindwrite would fail to find any.

    If the ISO works properly, then apparently the CD's copy protection does not look at the topology, so you should be okay in burning it anyway.

    **insert "I'm not responsible if this doesn't work and you waste a CD" disclaimer**


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