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Thread: Neverwinter Nights 2 not working anymore

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    Default Neverwinter Nights 2 not working anymore

    Neverwinter Nights 2 got an update and I think they disabled YASU with SecuROM update. No longer working. One for the SecuROM guys.

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    The German retail version with patch 1.6.980 (well I think this is the game version, I'm not at home atm, but I definitly have the latest version available) works perfect with Alc 120, without any antiblacklisting tools
    Do you use the "loader" to start the game (the loader where you can update your NWN and start the toolset)?
    What's your exact error message?

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    A required security module can not be activated. This program can not be executed.

    New version uses SecuROM 07.32.0015.

    Any solution?

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    Strange, for me it works like a charm w/a any antiblacklisting tools in combination with Alcohol 120.
    Do you use the latest YASU available (v1.4)?

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    I can confirm that the NWN2 US patch updated to 1.13.1407 English, and then started failing with the initial poster's message about the security device.
    I looked at my setup however, and discovered something irritating. I had yet another 'emulator' running, showing another DVD drive (IVI scsi emulator). I've been trying to get this to go away permanently for a long, long time, and it appears to have come back yet again.
    I disabled and uninstalled the undesired emulator yet again, reran Yasu (1.4.7080), remounted the image I've been using for a long, long time now, and it worked.

    The solution appears to be: Hunt down and kill instances of the IVI SCSI emulator (not cloaked by YASU), uninstall them, re-run yasu, remount everything, then try again.

    This begs the question: Where the hll is this extra scsi emulator coming from? Supposedly it's a COREL product that came with Intervideo DVD software. I don't have any of that, and haven't. I've hunted down mentions of it in registry and killed it, killed the files that were in the obvious places, and it STILL comes back from time to time. Any ideas?

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    - Maybe there's some service which has to be disabled, e.g. in command line:
    sc config iviVD start= disabled
    - Don't know whether this is related to your Corel product

    - if you can't get rid of it go try with YASU 1.3 which should also hide the IVI controller

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    Good advice, except that I'm already running Yasu 1.4 (mentioned above) and it doesn't seem to be cloaking the IVI.
    13:12:23 Y.A.S.U v1.4.7080 [DAEMON-Tools] started...!
    13:12:23 Microsoft Windows XP v.5.1.2600

    13:12:24 * Cloaking procedure started.
    13:12:25 SafeDisc 4.x: 1 controller(s) successfully cloaked:
    13:12:25 SafeDisc 4.x: [ amwkgya3 ]
    13:12:25 SecuROM 7.x: 1 device(s) successfully cloaked:
    13:12:25 SecuROM 7.x: [ F: ]
    13:12:25 * Cloaking procedure completed.

    (the one it's successfully cloaking is the DT one, not the IVI)

    I did go through and kill all instances of iviVD out of the registry, and killed the file out of system32. We'll see if that keeps it gone.

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    Oh, in other news, when I turned the machine back up, the IVI stayed away... but the security module message came back.
    I was able to run my image only when I STOPPED using Yasu (and just went with the 4.30.1 DTL).
    I'll keep watching this to see what exactly is going on. Maybe when I pulled the IVI drivers, I also inadvertently disabled YASU and forgot to turn it back on, resulting in yesterday's functioning NWN2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fraethir View Post
    ...I'm already running Yasu 1.4 (mentioned above) and it doesn't seem to be cloaking the IVI.
    YASU 1.4 is DT exclusive.
    Regarding core capabilities 1.3 is identical, but it also hides other vendor's controllers/devices.
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