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Thread: Daemon 3.26 killing my SCSI HDD. Why?

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    Default Daemon 3.26 killing my SCSI HDD. Why?

    Ever since I installed Daemon Tools 3.26 so that I may play ISO/BIN files I've been having unusual problems with my internal SCSI HDD. My OS is Win2K sp3. What happens is when I enter the OS the scsi drive won't appear, as if it weren't installed. I have to manually go to Device Manager and do a "Scan for all hardware" before Windows finally recognizes the HDD. I suspect Daemon's SCSI emulator is clashing.

    My SCSI HDD: Seagate ST39216W
    Adapter: Adaptec AHA-2940UW

    Is there a patch?

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    Never heard of this problem - I use SCSI devices, too (and VeNoM386 as well);
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    and never had any problems. Do you have the latest drivers for your Adaptec card?
    What happens if you uninstall D-Tools?Is the problem gone?

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    Swenske, yupper. I've currently "disabled" Daemon and now the HDD is recognized flawlessly by the OS. Strange that this occurs. Ill keep messing around though to see whether it is something else...

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    What happens in device manager with your SCSI HDD after you install Daemon?

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    Heya Quantass ,Venom and Swenske,

    I too have noticed some strange behaviour after installing 3.26

    I'm running a RAID controller with my drives off it but not raided. Win2k and XP picks it up as a SCSI board and the drives SCSI based.

    After numerous installs I've put it down to the SCSI device that Daemon sets up.

    Prior to installing I dont get any errors in my event logs.
    After installing 3.26 I get paging operation faults to my drives and timeouts to the RAID board causing corruption :-(

    Anyways just a heads up and hope ya can fix it


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    Hello. I have the same kind of SCSI card as you (Adaptec AHA-2940UW) Im using Windows XP Pro SP1 and Deamon 3.26.

    I do not have anny trouble with my CD Drive(Plextor UltraPlex 40) or my harddrive (IBM 9GB)on the SCSI card.

    Im not using the SCSI units as OP Sys are. Im using an Western Digital 80GB disk as system partision.

    I altso gona install the Windows 2000 Server with Terminal on this PC. Sp if you not resolve the problem let me know. Then i will install the Win2k Pro first to test the Deamon on that. I tink i will install the Server in late January so if you let me know i can take the Pro first!


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