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Thread: Help, think new Securom is installing Malware/Rootkit?

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    no, it for sure doesnt mean its something that indicates it is
    a rootkit - just something uncommon that ALSO rootkit frequently uses...

    But that doesnt mean necessarily that Securom is rootkit
    (although I admit that Sony has really bad reputation when
    it comes to rootkits (I remember there was big issue on some

    On the other hand: Sony knows this and in case they would
    hide anything in their code - regardless how good it is encrypted
    and hidden - it WILL be revealed by someone.
    That would be the end of Securom - as you can imagine, noone
    at Sony would play such risky game.

    There are enough competitors out there who would love to
    replace Securom with their own protection.

    All this is very well known at Sony, too.. Why should they
    risk to kick themselfes out of business?

    I'm not a fan of Securom nor Sony, but I doubt it has some-
    thing "malwarelike" inside.

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    Taken from Corpnews:

    SecuROM, in its current incarnation, is a copy protection scheme that installs a service that runs at Ring 3, the applications layer. It has no access to lower-level rings, like drivers or kernel-level resources.

    In the case of Bioshock, according to the official 2K Games FAQ, "The only data collected is the serial being used for activation, the IP address used for activation, an identifier for the software being activated, and the hash of the machine ID. The ID cannot be read by any other system or operator. Its only purpose is for comparing future activations on a particular serial." [...] SecuROM, though it is DRM, and onerous, and requires online activation, does not install any device drivers, does not cloak anything, and doesn't allow other programs' files to be cloaked by it.


    I'd be amazed if Securom ever went down the "SF-route" or "Sony route" of root kits
    If the minimum wasn't acceptable it wouldn't be called the minimum.

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    not quite true there, you grabbed that info from some forum?
    i haven't seen the service present in any securom games from version 7.20 (earliest i have), so the whole service=rootkit argument is quite wrong... please correct me if im wrong... i sure dont have the service present when im playing bioshock...

    and yep, in this day and age, any company that values business wouldn't do rootkit style stuff... unless the public were informed about it (and accepted it).. sptd for example uses 'rootkit-like' technology, purely to protect itself and anything using it from hacking etc..

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