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Thread: Install game first, then burn image?

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    Default Install game first, then burn image?

    Ok, I'm new here, so be gentle, ok? Do I have to install the game on the computer first, or can I burn an image and install the game from the image?

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    You can just make an image of your CD and mount it when u want to install. So no need to install the game manually first.

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    I belive, with some protection schemes - namely safedisk - what you do is first install the game with daemontools running, with safedisk emulation enabled.
    then, as soon as the game has run, rip the disk image, and burn any backups you want..

    But thats really just a magic method specific to that situation. more generally there is no need to install then rip.

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    This is history - was only necessary for some drives that couldn't read safedisc protected CDs (unreadable sectors in the beginning) or to speed up the ripping process.


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