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Thread: Problems with warcraft3 latest patch

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    Default Problems with warcraft3 latest patch

    Operating System: winXP
    Burning Software: Alcohol120% 1.4.3
    Anti-virus Software: norton2003
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

    I just installed the latest warcraft3 patch (1.13).
    I get a " Conflict with disc emulator software detected" error and cant play the game.

    I used to have no such problems before the patch :(

    Any ideas?

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    Operating System: WinXP
    Burning Software: Alcohol 120% v1.4.7 build 1005
    Anti-virus Software: none
    DAEMON Tools Version: v3.41

    Yea same here. They must have updated the securom version with Deamon Tools v3.41 is on the "black list" so I doubt it will work until a new version of Deamon is released that can beat it.

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    Default warcraft TFT

    Operating System: Windows XP Professional
    Burning Software: Clone CD And Alcohol120%
    Anti-virus Software: dont have one
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

    i have been playing warcraft 3 for ages. i wanted to play on the net and clicked on, it started downloading the new 1.13 patch. i was playing with an image of the game via a virtual drive (Daemon Tools). after the patch installed the game was restarted and the disc started spinning. i then got an error saying, "PLEASE INSERT THE ORIGINAL DISC INSTEAD OF A BACK-UP COPY AND THEN CLICK ON RETRY." I thought it was a glitch so i clicked on retry. I then got the message "Conflict with disc emulator software detected" and i wasnt able to launch the game. So I unmounted the image, i made sure that all the emulation was off (even though i dont use emulation in daemon tools i just use the virtual drive). I got my original WARCRAFT TFT EXPANSION DISC and put it in to my physical drive. i then tried once more to launch frozen throne and it worked. i dont have a clue why people are saying that it still doesnt work with the original disc. that is a load of lies!


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