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Thread: cant install d-tools

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    Default cant install d-tools

    Operating System: xp
    Burning Software: non
    Anti-virus Software: norton
    DAEMON Tools Version: latest

    i cant install it it tells me that i need to upgrade
    windows installer but when i download the file it tails me wrong os
    something like that how can i install daemon tools ? i have to have that program :cry:

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    If you're using xp, windows installer 2.0 should be present, which is fine. Run services.msc and verify that Windows Installer is set to Manual startup.

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    i think its cuz i have thet blaster shit virus :cry:

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    ok i went to msconfig
    in services i see windows installer
    but in status it says stopped
    i dont think it supsed to be stopped right ?

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    As long as startup type = Manual, it is fine. Make sure it isn't Disabled.

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    opsiiiii :oops: i deleted the file msiexec.exe
    cuz it had viruses in it and its the main windows installet file do u think u can give me yours :?:

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    Run sfc.exe /SCANNOW

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    ok i got the file tnx a lot it solved it i have d tools insatlld and runing tnx for help and the great sofware :mrgreen:


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