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Thread: Safedisc 2.90.040 and nfs underground

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    Default Safedisc 2.90.040 and nfs underground

    it dont seen to be working here.
    the emulation dont work on my img file from alcohol 120%

    is it supported on the newest version?

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    How did you make the image file? Program used, Settings, Hardware...
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    hmmm, I simply made an ISO using diskdump on disk #2. Use the safedisk profile, but still waited hours for ddump to get past the bad sectors (they use bad sectors past 5000 now?). Havnt had a problem with that image. :- NFSU I found somewhat disapointing tho. finished it very fast and it has all the replayability of a 2 day dead rat.

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    Yep, Safedisc images 2.9x should still be working fine. It's only harder to burn them to a working copy (only very few drives eem to be working fine). 'Correct weak sectors' isn't working anymore.


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