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Thread: Special version ?

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    Idee Special version ?

    Hello, :wink:

    I am aware that my question can appear incongruous ...

    Here is the matter, i live in a country where, recently, somes options in DAEMON Tools are illegals.

    In France this law is called the DADVSI.
    I know that there also of other countries which have the same problem.

    I think to the options which allow to simulate a protection.

    It is possible, not complicated to make a version without theses options, or simply without the ability to activate/use then ?

    Daemon Tools remain a very good program, sincerly i continue to use it, but perhaps it would be a great thing for the large distribution of the program if the dev team give an 'very-lite' version ...

    What do you think ?

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    Default DADVSI is a very bad law!

    Hi! (Kamarad)...maybe are you french

    Sorry, but DADVSI is a very bad law made by a no democratic government (by major's influence)!

    Don't forget that politic men don't know computer's domain!

    If a law is bad I don't respect it!

    I have bought all our games (never but never pirated) and I have got all their images by alcool and mounted by daemon tools!

    If Daemon tools will be "lite" you cannot play with their images

    Freedom fall down in France!

    Best regard and fight for freedom!

    joeldecaroual responsable technical support in

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    Hi joeldecaroual,

    Do you think that I stopped using DAEMON Tools ?
    (Hey dev. team, Daemon Tools Pro is very Great, Thanks.)

    But the problem is that it is now in France prohibited speaking, promote, own, distribute, or support any program as Daemon Tools wich have the capacity to circumvent any protection, even if that is useful within the framework of the private copy.

    I make the french translation of the Lite version, and it is for me a problem when i want to promote my work in my country...

    An inoffensive version would be the ideal to speak about the software, even if I am conscious that would kill the spirit of the software.

    After each one would choose the version which it installs, we do not make of illusions, but at least it would be possible to maintain a contact official with the program.

    But i understand well, that especially after the output of DEMON Tools Pro, it is not the priority of the programmers

    And yes, i fight for freedom, for the eternity :wink:

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    DAVSI's problem is that it was promulgated by guys who don't even understand computers.
    It is intented to refrain the use of tools to modifiy drms... and to protect author's rights (officially)...

    Problem here is that it puts in the same bag the user (who can do legits an illegal things) who has a conscience, and the software which has no conscience by definition. It's like forbidding knives because you can harm or kill with it.

    To come back to DT, it does not modify nor avoid the protection/drm... so it's not technically forbidden in France.
    Carpe diem

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    Default Legal discussion

    Hi Kinlaadare,

    I am not completely of agreement.

    Demon Tools can emulate a protection so that it is possible to play for example a game starting from an image file.
    Please correct me if i make a mistake.

    Even if you have the original, this amounts circumventing a protection intended to protect a work.

    However this became illegal in France.


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    What Kinlaadare meant is that DT Lite/DT Pro does not bypass or remove the copy protection. It's all still there. It duplicates or emulates the copy protection. So on technical aspects alone, DT is not illegal. Whether that would hold up in court is another question entirely.

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    Hi all and you "Le Chaland"!

    OK I well have understood what you mean, but I confirm "In France (in theory) you cannot made tutorial, translation about DT, Alcohol etc..on a French forum, if the forum is in France or (non exclusive "OR") the site's administrator is "French Nationality".

    You have another solution:

    You can make your work for Belgium; Switzerland, Canada cause French language is also speaking in these lands!

    In all cases one of these days DADVSI will be modified cause it's not logical:

    "In France you can make a legal copy of a program you have bought legaly (games, film; music...etc) "private copy exception, only 1 legal copy by DVD" but it's illegal to make a tutorial than explains methods to make this copy!"

    Best regards!


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    very interesting insights in the nature of french politicans

    well, laws can change and we will see what will happen in
    france - sooner or later there are elections again; thats the
    point were the brave men must shout out loud.

    What concerns the legality of DT: it is same as in germany...

    DT itself (valid of course only for DT LITE!) is 100% legal, as
    it is an EMULATOR and cant bypass the protection by itself.
    It doesnt touch the protection at all. In fact, it is from technical
    point of view nothing else then a real DVD-ROM, but in SOFTWARE.
    This was confirmed to us for germany as well,
    this is also the reason why products as "Virtual Drive" are
    even sold in stores - still!

    What concerns tutorials: As already suggested above by
    others, you can publish them somewhere else. You can even
    contact us and we publish them for you

    I agree that more and more laws today will lead to total
    disrespect of law and order - because of stupid politicans
    that only respect interests of a small minority. In case of
    france it seems even personal interests of some company
    is involved.

    I can only hope we can make enough pressure for "fair use"
    in EU in general and this way overcome the national laws.
    But even with other circumstances, we will not stop fighting

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    DT itself (valid of course only for DT LITE!) is 100% legal, as it is an EMULATOR and cant bypass the protection by itself.
    OUF !!! (in French)

    (don't know the exact English translation of OUF, it means what you say when you encountered a risk and you finally avoid this risk at the last limit e. g. you stop your car just a few centimeters before a big cliff)


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    and what exactly you want to tell me with these words?

    Of course there is a chance that someone sues you - no
    doubt. The statement is what we got from lawyer who is
    specialized in such laws, unfortunatly not for new french law.

    Nevertheless, from the words and meaning of this law, I can
    not see how DT would be illegal - but after all, you can not
    even trust a lawyer for his statement, as you know, when it
    comes to courts, everything is possible. Especially in Europe

    in Europe its hard nowadays to believe politics are made for
    their citizens (in fact I believe they are not)

    Conclusion: after all, it all depends on the person, the country
    he lives in and if that person will take such risks. Lets say
    100% safe statement can noone make for France. So better forget
    about my "100% legal" statement for France.

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