I upgraded 3 days ago from 4.09 to 4.10 and ever since I did, I get the following problem when trying to run Oblivion game.

Windows - No Disk

Exception Processing Message 0xc0000013 Parameters
0x000007FEFD63E75C 0xFFFFFA80022AB120 0x000007FEFD63E75C

Cancel Try Again Continue
If I press Cancel or Continue, the game loads and about 5 minutes into playing, it crashes back to desktop. If I press Try Again, it just keeps coming up with the same error.

Due to the fact I play the game for about 4 hrs a day and have done for the last 6 mths, I have reverted back to using the disc. This is going to screw up my disc though as it gets hammered alot. I never had this problem with 4.09 and it has only occured since upgrading.

Any ideas as to why? Also, I went back through the archives and cannot get the 4.09 version there, only 3.xx versions listed.

Please help..............