Dear Translators!

In the past, we found that we did not optimally support our

With recent fusion between DT Lite's and DT Pro's translation-files,
we see big workload for those that try to translate our all
beloved application to their native language...

Also we see that often too many technical barriers for those
appeared that are good at translations but maybe not safe enough
to use special tools for translations!

After discussion about the above important points, we decided
to support our translators better and give them tools and benefit
for their hard work!

This forum serves following purposes:

Here you can inform yourself about all already available languages for DT Lite/DT Pro, we continously update the list
so you can see what translations are already available and
if there's any sense to start a new one (be it that old translation for your motherlanguage is outdated or faulty).

Q & A:

Q: - I want to become a translator for the DAEMON Tools Team, how can I join the team?

A: - nothing's easier; we created a new, public group for
that purpose, all you have to do is to join our team. When a
translator is needed for a specific language, we accept the request and you will be notified!

Q: - Is there any benefit for me to translate DAEMON Tools?

A: - Sure! As part of our translator-team, you have access to new infos and
sometimes even beta-versions of our software (not only limited
to DAEMON Tools but all our software)

Also ALL translators who are "official Translators" receive a FULL
DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced version for free, incl. full access
to our customer-forums!

You see: there are many advantages to become official translator! Join our forces

best regards