Dear Community,

we opened a new TRANSLATIONS-forum! With the start of
this new forum we also decided to "assimilate" all the great
translators to our team.

Accepted translators receive new board-status and as reward
for their work also a free DT Pro Advanced license.

To overcome all the communication-problems in the past with
our translators we now created special forum (internal for trans-
lators only) and external, available for the public. There is also
our new DT Translator-Tool for download.

So if you want to be part of our team hurry up and sign-on
for a membership in the translators-team. Exact steps how to
join our forces can be found in public translators-forum (please
read the sticky posts there!)

We're sure we found now good solution and the chaos of the
past years with translations is gone - finally!