Hello translators and the guys who wants to be that

I started this thread to add the possibility to make a central places for any suggestions, notifications, pleases and so on that YOU want the developpers to know.

To all that did not understand this (well, I'm outta school, u know.), I repeat it shortened.

You want an explanation of something you didn't understand in the language file or you have a little bug and so on. Just write in this thread. I think a centralizing thread could help the devs.

I start with some suggestions.

The menu "Add and Remove Buttons" which is right of the basic toolbar can't be translated because there are no strings in the dll for it. Please fix that.

Are we allowed to translate the lawthing at "Help"-->"About"?
I mean it would be a high risk to add it to the strings but we could translate it, so the devs could change it in the language files.

And the third and last suggestion:
please allow us to change the name of the hotkeys. Well, there is NO "Ctrl" at the german keybord, u know

Just write your suggestions down here!