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Thread: Some way to donate

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    Default Some way to donate

    Since YASU is a great tool that I use almost every day, I feel like I should thank the creator of it by donating some money.

    Without YASU we could not run any SecuROM and Safedisc protected games with DT, so I really consider YASU as a lifesaver. I believe many of us will agree.

    My question is this: Is there any way people can donate some money to the author of YASU? If there is, I would be glad to do so. Maybe put a sticky on this subforum containing information about how to donate.


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    Yes, I second that! I see many posts complaining that game X doesn't run under YASU ver xx, game Y doesn't work ...... etc! but not too many posts showing gratitude.

    Of course there are many of us here who appreciate the work that goes into YASU (& other software) a way to contribute something to show that gratitude would be great

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reef View Post
    Without YASU we could not run any SecuROM and Safedisc protected games with DT,....
    that's the problem. the new dt version released a few weeks ago fixed nothing in terms of securom/safedisc blacklisting. in fact securom games from last year (with the old spinning disc) can not run. i'm talking dt lite. i can not for the life of me understand why dt lite v4.10 didn't have any blacklisting fixes, especially since the last version that fixed securom/safedisc blacklisting was eons ago.


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