For some reason my XP, sp2 now thinks that my physical cd/dvd drive is a RAM-drive and at the same time it thinks that my Daemon Tool Ram-drive is a physical drive.

This results in that I can mount an image in the DT tool, but when I try to access it, then it want's a disc
And I can open my physical drive and write stuff to the disc even thou there's no disk in the drive.

The funny thing is that I'm running dual boot with Vista Home Premium (64bit) and in Vista it's working fine.

I've done this so far and nothing has worked:
checked the device driver and everything is working as intended.
Tried to uninstall Daemon Tools & Nero (still got the problem with the physical drive)
Removed the physical drive from the device manager and let XP find it again
Upgraded to the latest firmware for my (Samsung SH-S182M drive - according to XP)

Anyone seen this problem before ? And if yes - do you know a solution to this ?

Kind Regards