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Thread: NEW USER=VICE CITY no launch with all emulation ON

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    Default NEW USER=VICE CITY no launch with all emulation ON

    Hello, I'm a new user of deamon , it's a friend who told me .

    It's a nice program, for my use cauz I rent sometimes gamez and I finishe them as quick as one week so I like deamon.

    But now I can't use it correctly.. I understand that there is some security on originals that are emuleted by deamon like securom.. so I tryed for Vice city with all ON and I created the first cd on one drive and the cd2 on the second drive which are in order G:\ and H:\ ; when I launch the shortcut it seems that mss32.dll have the security encrypted and it don't recgnize the rom emulated.. I ask myself if it can be the letter of drive ! cauz my C:\ D:\ E:\ and F:\ are busy so ...

    I don't understand Can someone help me please ?
    Thanks for helping.

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    MSS32.dll is used for sound support.


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