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Thread: yasu and punkbuster problem i think

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    Default yasu and punkbuster problem i think

    last night i played some bf2 and had yasu running ing the background. Suddenly i was kicked for gamhack didnt understand mutch. When i disabled yasu i wasent kicked when i tryed to playe online. Do u think yasu could have som conflict with yasu?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KickMan2077 View Post
    Do u think yasu could have som conflict with yasu?
    yeh hmm that makes sense ;p yasu conflicting with itself...

    i've not heard of any punkbuster + yasu issues however

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    Default I confirm Yasu do not conflict with punkbuster!

    Hi all!
    1.I DO say yasu cannot create conflict with Punkbuster
    2. To play Bf2 and all the battefields (1942; vietnam; 2142 and all their mods, a good full image created with Alcohol 120% (or 52%) and after mount image in one Daemon tools last version's virtual drive!
    3. For all the battlefield's games yasu is not necessary!
    4. I think you have another problem with your Pc! (firewall to restrictive, desactive all firewalls, choose for your modem rooter's protection "minimum"
    5. Try to update manually punkbuster with "Punkbuster.exe" on punkbuster's site!
    6. Be sure you have put a cross (x) to active Punkbuster in Bf2 ( in multiplayers option menu).
    Sorry for my special english cause it's not my 1st language
    Best regard!
    joeldecaroual responsable technical support on in France (dedied site on all the battlefields games)


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