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    here's the deal...

    flac is the best way I've found yet to store ripped audio discs -- it can store a corresponding cue sheet with the file too... one problem... that cuesheet info (which is limited to offsets -- not fancy data like artist, etc) is only useful to burning/disc emulating apps (audio players needn't make use of it at all... in fact, it's kinda out of their scope)... since flac doesn't store details about the individual "seekpoints", to use the contents conveniently with other things (freedb/cddb, arbitrary cd players, etc -- basically, whatever you would to if it was in physical disc form) you have to decompress to the original files... but who want's to decompress a whole 300mb flac, and extract the .cue just to be able to see the tracknames in his favorite player? not convenient...

    so... how about some flac support as an image type? the source is free/open, and it's becoming a dominant audio cd format for archive... think of it as just a storage container for a cue sheet and a compressed .bin... it's well suited to high-speed decoding and random access, so it should be quite transparent to the user...

    just a thought.

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    try Dbpoweramp
    this makes the flac files just as single tracks from teh cda, has a built in cd ripper etc


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