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Thread: HOW TO recognize the protection

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    Default HOW TO recognize the protection

    Hello, I'm new user and I use alcohol , first one I tried was VIce city with securom, and it works perfectly without emulation and with generic cdrom.

    NOw My question is how to recognize which protection is used by the game so how to determine how to cpy it !!

    Thx for helping
    F.e. I have the game Indiana Jones and the emperor's tomb , and I 'll try to emule it.

    Thx for helping.

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    Default re

    In the original cdrom I founded those .dll


    I readed the help file from daemon which explain how to recognize the kind of protection but for indiana jones I don't find
    Could someone help me. thx.
    I already tried copy the game as securom 4.x with alcohol and emulate it on a cdrom but anyway.... maybe 1:1 copy but normaly it's not necessary.
    thx for helping. :!:

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    Default - there you'll find which protection you have :twisted:

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    Try ClonyXXL


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