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Thread: how do i use deamontools to back up a CD?

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    Default how do i use deamontools to back up a CD?

    i am trying to make a backup disc for my eyeq program but i cant seem to get any of the burnt cds to work.

    first i copied the CD and put it in the computer. the main menu showed up but when i clicked "run eyeq" it asked for the orignal cd.

    how do i crack this thing in order to creat my back up?

    i have almost no computer knowledge.

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    All I suggest is that you enable all the Emulation options through the Daemon Tools icon in the notification area. Next step if still no success would be to copy the image with a different program.

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    @mvalenzuela: How did you copy the CDs? Which programms and settings did you use? What copy protection does the application use (scan the programm directory with ProtectionID)?

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    If you didn't, maybe try using Clone CD(The one with the Sheep icon) I've had nearly just nice experiences with it

    You only got a 21 day trial if you do not buy it - Though.
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    EyeQ is protected by Tages. So Daemon Tools Pro should do the job.


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