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Thread: DT & WinOnCd 6.0 -> PC shutdown

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    Default DT & WinOnCd 6.0 -> PC shutdown

    One of my computers is running with

    Msi k7n2-l, 2000+, 512mb, 2*80GB wd
    Win2000 SP4, dt3.34, winoncd 3.8 & 6.0SP1

    After installating of dt3.34 the pc shuts down if i start winoncd 3.8 or 6.0SP1. I haven't tried a other version yet. Maybe this problem is known?
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    Default WOC 3.8

    yep they know it.

    and i got the very same problem!
    it has obviously nothing to do with hardware-specs, probably the dt-drivers are the ting that make woc crash.

    I'm using WOC3.8 (i tested the trial of WOC6, ugh!). But not with the most current dt-version. Instead you should use dt-3.41, that works!

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