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Thread: 3.43 and 3.41 BSOD (IRQ Not less or equal) error

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    Default 3.43 and 3.41 BSOD (IRQ Not less or equal) error

    Operating System: Win XP Pro SP1a ONLY (clean install)
    Burning Software: None loaded yet
    Anti-virus Software: None loaded yet
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43 & 3.41

    I am using a shuttle SN41G2 with a nForce2 mobo.

    I have not installed anything else but WinXP Pro with SP1 slipstreamed.

    After going through the install, I then imediatly install 3.43.

    Upon restart it reports the "DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" Error.

    This seems to indicate a problem with compatability with the chipset rather than a chipset driver problem... because I have not loaded them yet.

    I will try and get the minidump file if I can but usually end up restoring that system to try some BIOS changes to fix the error, but none so far.

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    Try this - then check for minidump.
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    I have tried that & I can then remove the offending file from the drivers folder.

    Windows does not want to produce a minidump file of this crash for some reason, the setting is there to create one in the windows folder, its just not there.

    If I stop the plug & play BIOS extensions driver that is installed by Daemon Tools from loading then I can also get back into windows with the associated error about missing SCSI driver.

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    Default BSOD with version 3.33

    Operating System: Windows XP S1 (up to date)
    Burning Software: Nero, CloneCD, Exact Audio Copy
    Anti-virus Software: AVG7
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

    I had similar problem (BSOB message during install - DRIVER IRQL not less or equal) on my Acer Aspire 1600DLC nbook with version 3.33. With this new version 3.43 is everything fine.

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    Operating System: Windows XP Professional
    Burning Software: CloneCD
    Anti-virus Software: AntiVir 6
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

    I still got this problem after installing the newest version of daemon tools!
    can someone help me?

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    hmm i forgot:

    i havent got that error while booting windows, but while i'm playing (diablo 2 at this time)
    i can play without a problem but after some time i get a bluescreen with this message!

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    We cannot check this prob without minidump or at least full message with driver name and memory address.

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    k when you say me how i get a minidump of it, then i will show it to you!
    to reproduce this error, it's not very difficuilt, that's why i'm optimistic that i will can build such a dump....
    but how?

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    There should it be

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    yep... there a several dmps looking alike
    hmm i don't know how to view 'em, that's why i uploaded one (the newest) on my webserver!
    there it is
    hope, you can help me now

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