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Thread: I can't install 343 version,help me!

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    Default I can't install 343 version,help me!

    Operating System: windows2000
    Burning Software: none
    Anti-virus Software: mcafee virusscan
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

    I am hoping someone here can help me.
    I have tried installing Daemon
    Tools but only got ;

    "Some driver has invalid name
    or conflicts with other file
    or service in system.Please choose
    other driver names or make sure
    you have rebooted after
    removal of sofware using same names."

    How can I do? Thanks.

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    Default Try

    Operating System:
    Burning Software:
    Anti-virus Software:
    DAEMON Tools Version:

    changing the driver name like it says.

    check again DAEMON installation, you should see a choice (not selected by default) of Expert mode installation .

    If you select this mode you will have the choice of drivers name .


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