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Thread: Local HDD -> working copy

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    Default Local HDD -> working copy

    Hi, actuaIly I'm not quite new to DT, but I just got problem that reminds me to use DT. I had lost my SimCity 4 discs when travelling, but I had some 'DOS' copy files of the discs at my HDD. I am trying to make backup of my discs right now, but not succesfull yet.
    I install the game from HDD, and being asked for correct CD. I already tried to burn the files to CDs but still had some problem. I found SafeDisc 2.8 protection fact. I already tried to turn on all emulation option at DT 3.43 before playing, but not worked yet. Is this possible to had working copy replacement from local HDD file to CD? Thanks in advance.

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    I don't quite understand your question? Did you copy the files from the cd onto the hard drive or did you already make images of your old cd? If you have images, daemon tools should have no problem working with it!


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    Thank for replying.
    At the past, I just do ordinary file copy (eg: use explorer);
    not creating an image file. I think that's my problem. Could I create working copy from this kind of source?
    I already try to make an image file from this source (use Nero) and direct the recorder to "image recorder". But that still doesn't worked ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by agsrian
    Is this possible to had working copy replacement from local HDD file to CD?
    No. You need to have a good image of the original cd to make a working copy because of the copy protection. You can't do it by just burning files from your hard drive.

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    Ok, thanks, I think I already had answer. That won't make me keep trying...


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