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Thread: 3.43 causing BSOD ( KMODE_EXCEPTION ) and Hides CD drives.

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    Default 3.43 causing BSOD ( KMODE_EXCEPTION ) and Hides CD drives.

    Operating System: Windows 2000
    Burning Software: Nero 6.3
    Anti-virus Software: AGV 7.0
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

    Well I've got a really strange problem for you guys, and it's all to do with the new installation.

    Anyway the story goes like this:

    #1 Before I installed 3.43 I uninstalled D-Tools 3.14. I also uninstalled ******** 3.19, since I was not using it anyway and I didn't want it's virtual drives conflicting with Daemon Tools.

    #2 I installed 3.43, with the wizard. I also renamed the bus driver to "rjbus" and miniport driver to "rjport", just to ensure I don't get any more black listing issues.

    #3 After installation I rebooted.

    #4 Reboot was successful. I was a little sceptical here, as I heard that nForce 1 mobo's had a habit of BSOD at this point.

    #5 After Win 2K loaded I checked my windows explorer. To my horror I found that my 2 CD drives ( Asus 52x CD-Rom & Asus 52x24x52 CD-RW ) drives were not listed. Only the Daemon-Tools virtual drive, along with the C: were listed in the explorer.

    #6 I checked the hardware device listing onto to find that the entries for my CD drives had the yellow explanation mark.

    #7 I then tried to restart the drive be reinstalling the drivers for the first CD drive. At that stage the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED came up and I was at BSOD.

    #8 Disappointed, I then rebooted the machine into safe mode. Removed the bus and miniport drivers and reinstalled back to 3.41 to get things working again.

    So close, yet so far.

    Not sure if this helps but here is my system specs:

    CPU -> Athlon XP +1900
    Mobo -> Asus A7V-266 nForce 1 board. ( 3.13 nForce reference drivers )
    Video -> On board
    Audio -> Soundblaster Audigy 1
    CD Drives -> CD-Rom = ASUS x52 max + CD-RW = ASUS 52x24x52x ( All using windows drivers - no 3rd part installed )
    OS -> Windows 2000 SP4

    I tried to locate the minidump file, but I couldn't locate it. Is there a way I can either "make" this file, or dump the system specs, to provide info for you guys?


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    If you have Windows Media Player in 2000 then most likely you have Roxio drivers - they are the cause of BSOD and also 'disappearence' of your drives. Please verify what drivers are listed for your real CDROMs in device manager - if you see cdralw2k.sys and cdr4_2k.sys then i cannot give any guarantees.

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    Operating System: Win2K SP4
    Burning Software: Nero
    Anti-virus Software: Mcafee
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

    i have the same problem of Ripperjack, but my drives still remain fortunatly.
    To boot my windows I solved renaming d343bus.sys and d343port.sys
    then, from control panel, i remove daemon tools, but i see most registry settings remain, and i can not reinstall the same version 3.43
    so now i'm installing 3.41

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    Default just try this:

    Operating System: Win2k
    Burning Software: -
    Anti-virus Software: -
    DAEMON Tools Version: V4.43

    And no mor BSOD's :wink:
    Original support page:


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