I think i can do the translation for spanish in DT... if someone can hear me...
I did the steps requested one month ago, but nothing happened.
1. Log-in to your forum-account
---x Done!
2. Go to your "User Control Panel" (click in the navbar at the top OR in the left sidebar "UserCP")
---x Done!
3. Under point "Miscellaneous" you find "Group Memberships". Click on it!
---x Done!
4. You see a group named "DAEMON Tools TRANSLATOR", check the box behind it ("join group")
---x Done!
5. IMPORTANT: the board ask you why you want to join this group (REASON) , please fill in there exactly for WHICH language you want to translate!
---x Done!
That's all, your request to join Translators-Team is processed by our staff! If your request is accepted,
you receive a PM to your board-account!

---x Waiting...
If your request is NOT accepted by our board-staff, then you will see
that your request does not exists anymore and your rank
is still the same (and of course you will NOT receive any
PM from us!). In this case "the boat is full" or you have
maybe violated in the past our forum-rules, an infraction is
still valid or other reasons leaded to that decision. In any
case please do not request then again for group-membership
unless we clearly say so in translator-forum (e.g., the official
translator leaved the team, we need more "manpower" etc etc).

---x Waiting... I can see this in UserCP: You requested to join this group 10.10.2007 at 11:32.
The request is still pending.....