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Thread: D-Tools and GameDrive

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    Default D-Tools and GameDrive

    I thought this would be a good spot to ask this question. I could not find an answer when seraching the forums.

    I have D-Tools and will always use it, because you guys rock. However, a lot of my friends I play online with use Game Drive. What are the differences? Or maybe I should ask Why is D-Tools the way to go?

    I Love D-Tools, I'm trying to get them to get it.
    Here's the link for it.

    It's hilarious, one of their bullet poiints is that is supports more games than any other virtual drive on the market. What a load.

    Can someone just let me know the differences here? Thanks


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    of course I can explain it to you. GameDrive isn't free for personal use
    Beside of this, it's similar to Daemon Tools, but contains also an imagegenerator. I doubt that it supports more games than any other
    virtual drive. I guess it's the other way around, because I couldn't find
    any information about support of f.e. ProtectCD or StarForce, which both are
    supported in f.e. Daemon Tools. But it is surely the best if you try to find
    out for yourself which Emulator fit your needs. At least our product is free for
    personal use, so you don't get in trouble if you think it's crap.

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    GameCopy is anuther programe by FarStone, if u think that thay say that is supports more games than any other virtual drive on the market was hilarious 4 Game Drive then you are going to wet your self when u hear this. thay clame that GameCopy is the "World's First Game Backup Software,
    First program ever to enable users to burn backup copies of CD/DVD-ROM games"

    look at the links if you cant belive it.

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    no comment on this if it makes them happy :mrgreen:

    It's only guess, but I think Daemon Tools is more popular than Game
    Drive. I'm happy they don't claim their program as the "first program ever
    in mankind"

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    Some funny quotes on

    Existing burning programs like Alcohol, BlindWrite and CloneCD require additional plug-ins and are not easy to use. These programs cannot make copies of new games without the use of a freeware plug-in called Twinpeak.
    On the flipside, GameCopy is an easy-to-use program that requires no plug-ins or illegal decrypters. One simple click and you can burn perfect copies that work on any system. Another thing to note is that if the game is using the New SecuROM protection you will need to use Daemon Tools in order for your BlindWrite or Alcohol copy to work. GameCopy already supports most games using the New SecuROM protection.
    Too bad they don't have a trial version. They claim that gamecopy can make backups of securom games without any emulation or twinpeak method... LOL!

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    iirc, they basically burn a cd image as a data file, and include the installer for their own virtual drive. Not much of a solution imo :lol:

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    I've already emailed them and ask for an explanation. Should they don't
    change their minds, it's also possible that our Disclaimer should contain
    some "Clarifying words" - and if I where them, I surely didn't want that

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    I just wanna say thank gog for Daemon-Tools

    and comments on that other mob " NO COMMENTS "


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