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Thread: Erros in English language file

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    Default Errors in English language file

    Search for Faild in DLL. You will get several results which has to be Failed.
    Will post more errors when i find some

    Plz correct thread title as there is a r missing, thx.
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    Some strings that I noticed:

    4022: Write speeds:
    This may not be directly wrong, and it is true that the drop down list shows all the available write speeds, but the purpose of the drop-drown list is to choose the one speed one wishes to use. IMO this should be singular, i.e. "Write speed:"

    4051: Are you sure you want to burn this files?
    Should be "these files", or maybe "the selected files"

    4086: Item %s already exist.
    Should be "already exists"

    4087: Unable to add files bigger then 4Gb.
    Should be "bigger than" and preferably "4 GB", as b normally represents bits and B represents bytes. The same goes for the strings 4091 and 4092 - it should preferably be a capital B.

    4112 (and 4119 and perhaps others): Finish save file
    I had a really hard time figuring out what this meant before I saw the message used in the event log in the application. It means something like "Saving to ISO file finished successfully". I'm not saying that it necessarily should be changed into a sentence that long, but IMO this should definitely be changed into something more eloquent and coherent.

    4160: Astroburn alread started.

    4165: Operation is failed
    This just doesn't sound right in my ears. "The operation has failed" or simply "Operation failed" sounds better.

    4229: Error registration:
    This isn't a valid sentence. If it's preferred to keep it very short, I'm sure that something like "Unable to register Astroburn" would work. IMO longer sentences are more user friendly. Like "An error occured while trying to register the application.". But I guess this isn't a message many users will ever see.

    There may be others also, but these are the ones I noticed.

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    Thanks a lot. The stings are corrected.
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