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Thread: New DTProTranslator?

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    Default New DTProTranslator?

    @ DT team:

    I was just wondering, as there are some bugs in DTProTranslator (v1.1), could a newer version of this tool be released soon? I understand that an updated version of DT Pro isn't very far into the future now, and it could spare us some time and effort to have an improved translator tool by then.

    The bug which has caused me the most irritation, is the linefeed bug (normal linefeeds are removed when saving output file, must use escape sequences \r\n instead). Other than that, I have a couple of suggestions:
    • Perhaps we could get a field in the GUI for specifying the version of the translation (independant of the DTPro version), in order to mark the translation with a revision number when improvements have been done
    • Today, all text resources in the output DLL are marked as Arabic 0x0. This doesn't really matter for the DT application, but it doesn't seem right for other languages than Arabic

    Thanks for making us this tool, by the way. It definitely beats translating with ResHack.

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    In new version the extra added bytes should be also removed.

    Well, i don't care for this translation program as i'm using another one
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    Thank you for your suggestions. The DT Translator is in our
    opinion best option to make proper translations. Of course it
    is not perfect, but I hope we can somewhere in the near
    future release a new version with bugfixes and suggestions
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